Villa La Joya is a blank canvas for your wedding! Couples have used a variety of locations for tying the knot, including the front steps of the Villa, the side grass (likely the most popular) and a couple have even used the beach. For flow the front steps probably make the most sense, as it is at the entrance and allows for your guests to experience the property as the day unfolds. The grass on the right of the pool seems to be the most popular spot by couples so far! The ocean provides an amazing backdrop to your destination wedding without having to worry about how to walk in the sand in heals! The beach has also been used by some smaller weddings with the water literally at your feet.

We still have a few 2019 dates available and quite a few 2020, so reach out to get more information!

Few examples of weddings on the front steps:

The side grass:

The beach:

Additionally, there are a couple of churches that are not too far from the Villa.