Of course we love working with all the vendors that make it to Villa La Joya, but we really appreciate the time Heather at Quetzal Wedding Photo took to write us about their experience on the property.

Click image to see more from  David Del Rio & Katie Wallace's Destination Wedding

Click image to see more from David Del Rio & Katie Wallace's Destination Wedding

We’ve discovered a treasure right here in Playa del Carmen!! Villa La Joya is a beautiful private villa that sits just feet away from the beach and is available for your very special events. We were invited to tell a wedding story there last February and it was incredible. The property is absolutely stunning and as far as photography goes, it is a dream come true.

The wedding ceremony was held on the front steps with room for more than 100 guests, 10 bridesmaids, and 14 groomsmen! After the ceremony was complete, the guests moved to the back of the villa that overlooks the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. We were granted permission to take photos anywhere we preferred, and with so many different backdrops, the photos came out incredible. Between the green lush plants, the impressive architecture, and the natural light that was falling on the ceremony at just about dusk, it was perfect.

We loved working with the staff and had the chance to meet, Mike, the owner of Villa La Joya, and were treated with nothing but respect, kindness and pure hospitality. Quetzal Wedding Photo would love to recommend Villa la Joya to any couples looking for something a little bit different than an all-inclusive hotel for their wedding venue.

There are some other benefits to getting married at Villa La Joya. There is no Vendor Fee for any outside Vendor, which means you can contract all of your favorite vendors without worrying about additional fees. The property is private, so you won’t have many tourists stopping to watch your ceremony. The beach is less populated for your portrait session. And you can turn up the volume for your reception without worrying about upsetting the hotel guests! Check out Villa La Joya and check out Quetzal Wedding Photo’s coverage of Katie Wallace and David del Rio’s Celebrity Wedding to see just how amazing this secret treasure truly is!

Heather Toepke | Studio Manager
Quetzal Wedding Photo
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