Villa La Joya and Playa Paraiso are committed to the care of the environment, that is why we actively participate in the sea turtle sanctuary and protection program, joining forces with the municipal government of Solidaridad, with whom we have signed a collaboration agreement Playa Paraiso Home Owners Association  has built and installed a Sea Turtle hatchery which currently host more than 100 sea turtle nests containing over 5,000 eggs of the species Chelonia Mydas and Caretta which are under the constant care of biologist, technicians and volunteers that supports the protection and sanctuary program, so far this season releasing about 700 offspring on our beaches and it is expected that in the next months more hatchings and releases will be achieved.

Venues such as Villa La Joya have hosted training, and education programs for volunteers,  trainers and offered their facilities for other events related to the sea turtle sanctuary and protection program, in addition, Villa La Joya has a team of specialists (biologists) and volunteer technicians added to the program protection of the marine turtle of the municipality of Solidaridad 2017, the entire association of owners of Playa Paraiso have joined forces in these actions in favor of the environment, with economic donations through the collaboration agreement signed with this government agency, all for the common good of this species in danger of extinction.

We are educating groups of school children to participate in the releases and to be observers to these miracles of nature

Join this important work. be an observer, be a participant, become environmentalists.


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