We were fortunate to have hosted a Wedding Affair with Rose Torres as the featured speaker. Manuel and his team fromhttp://www.villaweddingphotofilms.com/ captured the footage and edited into this wonderful presentation. Rose speaks about wedding planning in general and also specifically destination weddings and why Villa La Joya is a standout in the market.


For our English speaking friends, we have transcribed the video below:

When you have a client that is interested on location, one of the most important points is the venue, which is what the client wants when coming to the Mexican Caribbean is to see the ocean.

That this location be a beach or if the client wants a garden or that the location be decorated with a terrace because there are brides that do not want to take off their heels and when we go to the beach, we have to leave the heels behind.

Another important characteristic is the schedule extension; locations have a fixed schedule to end the party and not only does the national market want their weddings to last until one or two in the morning. It’s good to have this possibility, even though there are couples who want their wedding to end early, but there are others that if we could offer them the sunrise, they would do it.

For wedding planners, the logistics part is very important, as we work on that location, we want to know what facilities are offered, but this logistics part where we can function in accordance to the complexity of the event and that the location has this accessibility that if we want to make grand productions, we are able to do it; we highly value that point in each of the locations we offer our customers.

We value that we as planners can bring in our suppliers and in that way we work more easily with some services with certain companies. When we arrive at a location and have to work with certain suppliers, this implies a risk because we don’t know their work and somehow we already have a certain complicity between the suppliers we have and with whom we have been working. When a location allows us access to external suppliers, that is wonderful.

Villa La Joya is a location we always consider because it has all these characteristics and virtues, it is a magnanimous place, in front of the ocean, it offers us extended schedules, it has a very accessible value for our customers and the logistics part is always very easy to work with them; honestly it is a place worth recommending.

A location is very attractive for a wedding planner when it has a commissionable cost, that means that one as wedding planner does not have to alter the cost but rather it is already commissioned. The venue commissions the planners for the volume sales as it should be, and another of the important things is the schedule extension; having those two aspects and a spectacular view is what we are looking for.

Part of the cost is important however it comes down to falling in love with the place.